Devin was and always will be a mom, daughter, Christ-Follower and poet.

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Hello,  It’s a joyous achievement to see our Devin Mikailah’s work of poetry be realized and published on her third year Angel date of March...

Friday, May 20, 2022

She Left a Legacy

 Good Evening,

Yesterday I, DaVaughn… Devin’s mom, spent time with my best friend (her Godmother) during the funeral of her mother reflecting on life.  I greatly appreciate the time God gave me with Devin!  Motherhood was a gift that I didn’t deserve, was unprepared for and found most fulfilling!  

I do not regret any moment.  Were times hard?… Yes!  Were times uncertain?… Yes!  Were times precious?… Yes!  Were times wonderful?… Yes!!!

During her endeavor of “Journey to 30,” the Lord was working in her and through her.  She was dedicated to being the best mother that she could be to her four Sprouts.  It’s amazing to see how her gift of poetry has started her legacy to her children.  I praise God for the vision he’s put in my heart to move forward on the behalf of From the Mind of Mikailah.

Love You Bunches❤️

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